Toe Nail Preparation and Painting

Toe Nail Preparation

Cuticle Shaping

Toe-cuticle-careToes can be tricky, they tend to have rules of their own, however with regular care and attention you can create those lovely looking toe nails that all ladies love to show off in the summer months.

As with the fingers they also need to be looked after, by trimming and shaping, also taking care of the cuticles.

Toe Nail Trimming

toe-nail-trimingToe nails tend to grow in many different ways, usually based on the types of shoes you are wearing, your diet can also have an influence, and also the type of job you do.

However, in many cases badly shaped toe nails can be recovered with regular shaping and trimming, it can sometimes take time and patience but in the long run the results can be impressive!