Nail Care and Painting

Preparation of Nails Prior to Painting

nail-varnish-removalNail Preparation is everything!

Nail preparation is everything, quick nail preparation is not good to obtain those perfect nails, this is why when you go to a nail bar in a shopping mall time is everything for them, the more clients they manage in a day the more money they make, so spending time on nail preparation is not usually high on their agenda.

This is not the case when you visit “Absolute Nails”

Drilling and grinding the old nail varnish or gels off is never a good situation, if you use a good quality nail gel or polish in the first place then removing them by soaking is always the best and less painful way.

Cuticle Care and Preparation

Cuticle-preparationSome nails look pretty bad if they have not been maintained properly, however this does not mean that with a little care they could not become amazing nails, the fact is that usually hiding under the surface is actually an amazing nail.

We can show you how to bring out the full potential of your nails, starting with cuticle care and shaping, this will not only enable your nails to grow stronger it will also give the nails a much better look.