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 Nail Treatments and Pricing

Absolute Nails are based in the Telford area, therefore nail treatments are only available within this area, please see our contact form for further details.

There are some products that we favour based on the fact that they are better for nail health in general, however we believe that our customers have their own opinions and preferences, therefore we also offer the most popular types of nail polishes and decorations.

Gel Long Lasting Polish

Nails-gel-polish-curingGel is a fairly new technology and one that can give better protection for your nails, it also allows for natural nail growth.

  • Long Lasting.
  • Tough and hard waring.
  • Aids natural nail growth.
  • No trauma to the natural nail.
  • Fast drying under U.V. lamp.
  • Can soak off so no need for grinding!

Usually takes around 45 minutes if you are already using Gel, if not there may be extra time required to remove and prepare your nails.

  • Price = £25 which includes standard preparation.


Other Nail Treatments


Nail-filingDetails of Nail Treatments

  • Soak off existing polish, tidy nail and buff = £12.00
  • Manicure including buff (Nail without existing treatment) = £10.00
  • Pedicure including buff (nail without existing treatment) = £12-00