Absolute Finger Nails

Absolute Finger Nails

Ideas and designs for finger nails

Natural French Nails

French-NailsFrench nails are simple and natural, sometimes a good choice when you have no idea what you want to wear from a colour perspective.

In order to have good looking natural nails you need to have reasonable good nails in the first place since the gels and polishes are designed to enhance your original nail.


Artificial French Nails

false-french-nailsIt is possible to have French Nails if your own nails are not so good, however the use of tips is then necessary, these can be fixed over the top of your own natural nail, and the trimmed and cut to create a natural looking French Nail.

An example of this is shown on the Left side

Combination French Nails

combination-french-nailsIt is also nice to have combination French Nails, keeping things simple and uncomplicated designs can be added to random or alternate nails to give a unique and sophisticated look, most ladies like to be different so this technique give that individuality.

French Nails For Weddings

Wedding-nailsFrench Nails can be the perfect choice for a Wedding, agin the neutrality means that there are no clashing of colours, especially if the Brides Mades have different coloured dresses.