Absolute Finger and Toe Nails

Absolute Finger and Toe Nails

Matching Finger and Toe Nails

fingers-toesSomething French?

Maybe not so important in winter since it is not often anyone sees your toe nails, however in the summer months it is always a good idea to have some coordination between fingers and toes.

The following images may give you some ideas on finger and toe coordination.

It is not always possible to achieve the perfect shape since all of us are different, but it is possible in most cases to create a much better shape with a little care.



Red Finger & Toe Nail Polish

red-fingers-and-toesIn order to have perfectly matching finger and toe nails, it can take quite a few treatments to create the shapes you desire, and be sure that not everyone can achieve the great looking finger an toe nails shown in the images on this site.

Some people are lucky to have nice looking nails with good shape from the start, if you have looked after your finger nails and had good fitting shoes from a child, there is a very good chance that the you have well defined and nicely shaped toe nails also.

Colourful-Finger-toe-nailsSomething more colourful!

If you are stuck for ideas then we can help, here is something a bit different and extremely colourful, of course designs like this may take a little longer to achieve.