About Absolute Nails

About Absolute Nails

Special-nail-treatmentAbsolute Nails is something a little different to conventional nail bars, or nail rooms. The way in which it is different is very simple, we don’t believe in time pressure we only believe in doing the best possible job, with our customers having the best possible experience.

Having pride in my own nails I have been going to nail technicians for years, but once you find someone that really cares and performs consistently time after time, then you tend to stay with your nail technician and of course make referrals to your friends and family.

Our business is not being built by constant advertising, it is being built by customers having a memorable experience, and truly seeing that the nails we have taken care of are something very special indeed, the proof is of course giving complete customer satisfaction.

Nail Technician – Tonia.

To have “Absolute Nails”

“Care Gives Strength”

nail-cuticlesIn order to have “Absolute Nails” you have to start with the basics, this is taking care of the actual nail itself rather than just gluing tips onto an already damaged nail. Most people have good nails, they may not think they have but this is most often a case of not really understanding how to take real care of them.

We like to do things from the ground up, making sure the nails are cut and shaped correctly, also taking great care of the cuticles which is extremely important for good looking nails, also encouraging strong nail growth which is important for regular work on your nails.